Borgata poker blog – what is it?

Every poker player knows about the famous casino which hosts the famous Borgata poker tournament blog, located in the territory of the Atlantic City open for gambling. Unlike other Atlantic City casinos, Borgata offers its customers a more luxurious vacation than nearby competitors. The administration of the complex wants the players not only to play, but also to dine in its restaurants, stay overnight in its hotels, have fun in its clubs and visit its shops. To make casinos more popular on the Internet, there is a Borgata poker blog where players can discuss the latest industry news.

Features of poker rooms

Borgata has the most modern and the largest poker room in Atlantic City, which was opened on June 30, 2006. Here, as a rule, gather more upscale players than in other poker rooms of the city, and the clientele tends to be younger. In total, the Borgata poker room has 85 tables spreaded over 2000 square meters. Most of them – 58 tables – are in the main hall. There is also a hall for high rollers, which has 18 tables. In addition, there is a separate hall with 9 tables, designed for the final stage of tournaments, equipped with stands for the audience.

What is being discussed on the blog

First of all, it should be noted that the Borgata poker blog live shows all the events taking place in this elite casino. $ 100 + 20 buy-in tournaments are held daily in the poker room, and on Fridays Borgata holds a weekly tournament with a guaranteed prize of $ 75,000. Every year, as part of the World Poker Tour, Borgata hosts WPT Borgata Poker Open tournaments, which attract famous players from all over the world. All this is covered by the special Borgata poker blog, which any player interested in poker can go to through the site. In addition, the site is famous for other institutions:

  • Great hotel;
  • Great staff;
  • An entertainment complex where the most famous artists perform;
  • The restaurant with the widest selection of dishes.

And in each of them you can visit through a special site where the casino blog is supported.

The Hotel

The main wing of the Borgata Hotel has about 2,000 rooms. Most of the rooms are standard, but there are also several deluxe rooms, including Piatto Suites 140 square meters, and two residences 370 square meters. All rooms are equipped with modern amenities such as high-speed internet access, full-wall windows, and granite countertops. Hotel prices can range from approximately $ 180 per night in a standard room to $ 1,200 or more per residence.

The Restaurants

It does not make sense to list all of them; we will only talk about the most outstanding ones:

  • Wolfgang Puck is decorated in a rustic style, you can dine here, feeling like in the patio.
  • SeaBlue is glazed in a circle with blue glass and gives the effect of the presence of water behind the wall.
  • Old Homestead looks more traditional, and his chef Romeo DiBona prepares his dishes just fine;
  • Izakaya, a modern Japanese pub, has its own unique look with patterned walls. At the entrance to this restaurant, the client passes through a glass bridge, and then the owner meets him. This is a very luxurious restaurant with deep flowers, plush red chairs and large paintings. It constantly sounds simple, optimistic melodies without words – in contrast to traditional modern trendy Japanese rhythms. This is done in order to maintain the atmosphere of Borgata itself.

All Borgata restaurants provide an atmosphere that goes beyond mere food consumption.


Borgata quickly established itself as a leader in casino entertainment, featuring headliners such as Billy Joel, Bon Jovi, Eric Clapton, Mary Kerry, Rihanna, Aerosmith, Depeche Mode and others. In addition, the famous comedians Bill Cosby and Don Rickles also appeared on the Borgata stage. All this is broadcast on the Borgata poker blog so that everyone can see all the games in this casino. Thanks to Bogart, Atlantic City has evolved from a second-rate gaming city into an advanced resource for gambling entertainment.

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