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WPT gradually became more and more famous not only in the online poker world but also in the widest circles of society. Having appreciated the interest that the tournament aroused in the American public, the organizers began a wide advertising campaign. The number of participants in the tournament grew with each season, and the same was with a money prize. If in the first season only about 11 million were raffled off, then in the seventh season the sum exceeded 60 million. There are also a large number of poker variations and not only, which you can find here.



Major tournaments are traditionally held in the United States, but the scale of the event has become such that one country can no longer accommodate them. At different times, the stages of the World Poker Tour took place in Spain, Italy, Canada, Morocco.

WPTpoker is a subsidiary of PartyGaming Plc, which also owns the PartyPoker room, and participation in the tournament for several tens of thousands of dollars can be won almost for free by playing at Party Poker and Full Tilt Poker.

Today, WPT is one of the most popular and exciting poker tournaments, the prize amount of which amounts to several tens of millions of dollars, and the number of participants reaches 5 thousand.

Benefits and features of WTP

This tournament is broadcasted on television. For millions of poker fans, WPTpoker is the best poker tournament that allows them to watch and learn from real professional poker players.

Looking at spotlights, cameras, poker stars, plenty of poker chips, stacked in neat piles on green cloth … All this captivates the eyes of both an inexperienced viewer and an amateur sitting at online final tables.

Involuntarily, each wants to become a member of such a grand event and feel yourself a successful poker player. It is no secret that many famous players began to take their first steps in the game after watching the largest poker tournaments on www wptpoker.

WPTpoker events

As part of the partnership agreement for 2019, the World Poker Tour and PartyPoker held four festivals in Europe and one in Canada. Each stage included several tournaments, including the WPTDeepStacks, WPT500, and the WPT Main Event. Thus, festivals cover the widest possible audience of players.

Tournaments in 2019 were held in Russia, Barcelona and in Nottingham. After the summer break associated with the World Series, the WPT Germany festival took place in August, and the final stage of the season was in Montreal in October.

This year in August, WPTpoker and PartyPoker announced a collaboration in the European and Canadian stages for the first time, while the poker room undertook to delegate 300+ participants to the tournaments through qualifying tournaments. The partnership agreement is concluded for four years.

WPT will discover several new locations, next year LIVE MILLIONS festivals are planned at King’s Casino and Playground Poker Club, so the online poker room will have to find the necessary balance when holding qualifying tournaments for two different series in the same locations.

Having familiarized yourself with the features of the most famous and largest poker world WPT competitions, you can appreciate the power and excitement of this card game. You can find more information on wptpoker.com. or https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poker

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