If you still can’t decide what kind of game to play in an online casino, choose Video Poker. This competition successfully combines the features of a classic card game and modern video slots with their dynamic design and multi-format options. For users who want to know how to play video Poker, there is an overview below.

Variations of game

Modern gambling in 2020 gives each of us complete freedom in different choices. Users can try their favorite slot or video game from a wide range that is constantly updated with new interesting gambling developments.

Video Poker appeared in the virtual industry not very long ago. This competition surprisingly combines elements of Poker and features of gambling video slot. Thanks to the professional work of the best providers today, video slots with Poker can be downloaded to any user’s gadget. The player chooses the competition mode: paid or free options.

Such a type of free Poker machines is similar in appearance and video Poker rules to a traditional slot. At the top of the device, there is a table of winning combinations and payouts for them. In the central part, there is a screen where the player’s cards are displayed. There are usually three indicators below that show the amount on the player’s account, the win rate, and the current stake.

At the moment you decide to learn how to play video Poker, then try to keep in mind that this entertainment has several original options and definite Poker hands:

  • Jacks or better with simple rules of how to play video Poker;
  • Deuces Wild;
  • Joker Poker.

And, as the virtual casino practice shows, the most famous and joyful video Poker games are Jacks or better, as well as Deuces Wild.

Instructions of some video Poker types

Card entertainment in modern virtual club – video Poker, is a contest in which you have to collect cards that match one of the winning hands. In this sense, the guide of how to play video Poker slot machine do not differ much from a real game at the table with a real croupier. Today, the most amazing and interesting slots for entertainment in video Poker are Jacks or better and Deuces Wild.

In the Jacks or better game, the contest takes place with a 52-card deck. A user, who knows how to play video Poker, starts the slot machine and makes the first bet. Then, the player presses the Deal button, and the first combination of cards appears on the monitor screen. Next, the user decides which cards to apply and which to remove. To leave the selected one, just click either the card itself or the key below it.

If the user changes decision and wants not to save a previously left card, he should click on the button or on the card again and the previous action will be canceled. When the necessary cards are selected, the player again presses the Deal and gets new cards instead of those that he decided not to save.

The cheapest paid combination in this type of Poker is a pair of Jacks or double cards of a higher denomination. The combination of sheets that has the highest price is called Flush Royal.

One more interesting and simple type of Video Poker is the game Deuces Wild. Many novice gamers who have recently learned video Poker how to play, choose Deuces Wild competition. Here, the round also takes place with a 52-sheet deck of cards. Deuces are wild cards here, which means they can easily replace any deck sheet. In addition, this applies to any suits and values. Deuces are cards with a face value of two points. If a player receives a Deuce while dealing, it is automatically assigned the definite value and suit.

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