What is Tournament Poker Edge?

Players who want to find a resource with training on multi-table tournaments are often forced to content themselves with videos that specialize only in six-max cash games.

With the advent of Tournament Poker Edge, players got a Poker training resource that runs some of the most famous names in the world of this game. Reading this Tournament Poker Edge review, one can make a decision whether to use the benefits of this site of miss his awesome chance.

Tournament Poker Edge features and advantages

The site has been operating since 2010, and its videos are intended for a narrow type of player — a guru in online tournaments. The resource does not hide this narrow focus. The content on the site fully meets the expectations of those who come to the resource. Here one can find both MTT and SNG videos.

The first advantage of the Tournament Poker Edge site is its low price, which micro-betting players will surely enjoy. Here, the cash plans start at $ 29.95 per month with no registration fees. It’s best to take an annual subscription that costs $ 299.95 or use the Tournament Poker Edge coupon code. This proposition is one of the lowest annual plans in the world of online poker training.

The resource offers a great variety of videos — with replays, live videos and even instructional videos on theories that are unique in themselves.

It also has:

  • Tournament Poker Edge forums;
  • Podcasts;
  • Blogs;
  • Chats where a person can chat with his friends and buddies.

Also, with the help of an excellent distribution history converter, one can copy and paste distribution histories and get results in different formats with different filter options.

Pros of using this site

Here, the instructors are not gurus or well-known players, and they don’t appear in shows like High Stakes Poker, but there is a positive side to this. After all, they play games that are taught, and one wants to master their skills. Thanks to this understanding between coaches and students at Tournament Poker Edge is much higher than on other training sites.

Video materials can be watched directly on the site through a Flash player, downloaded as WMV files or in iPhone / iPod MP4 format. One can also filter videos by instructors, bets, content, and concepts.

Also, articles on strategy or reviews of the games regularly appear on the site, which will be very interesting for readers. In addition, there is a forum there where coaches and players discuss strategies, distributions and agree on joint games.

Overall, TournamentPokerEdge.com has found an excellent niche in the field of poker training: with about 600 videos at Tournament Poker Edge, the resource offers excellent materials created by famous players which are suitable for both beginners and experts. Given a very affordable monthly subscription, this online resource is an excellent choice for tournament players on micro-deliveries for investments.

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